Greeting, art lovers! This will be my last “newsletter”

Greeting, art lovers! This will be my last “newsletter”

I’ve discovered that in these times, I must constantly reinvent myself to reach an audience that enjoys my work.  Hopefully my audience will wish to own my art. Whether it be the original, a print, or a giclee on canvas.

My past newsletters served to explain what inspired me, and to explain the feelings that went into, a particular painting.

For the time that I had been doing “newsletters”, they never elicited comments or inquiries and sadly did not create sales.  I have discovered the majority of artists –agree – newsletters do not sell art, and sadly do nothing to support us. 

I’ve found that the best way to reach people, to engage with them is share my “very true and basic self”.  I’m an artist that loves the ocean and I LOVE cats, and so what better way that to share that in pictures and stories on Instagram.  Instagram is now my “go to” means to share my story.  So, through trial and error– I’ve found a place to share my everyday story, and to show people the process of my commission painting though videos and photos them in progress. 

I always shied away from prior passions to paint cats.  I “felt”– I could make a living by painting beautiful scenes from the Big Sur, Carmel coastline – but that proved to not be true. 

Naturally I had to turn to social media exposure, and the “new” job of an average of 30+ additional hours per week – that is required to maintain the constant posting and interaction with those “like mined” souls who have chosen to “like me personally”.  A whole new obligation – but it’s the way of the 21st century artist. 

Many ask –“why aren’t you in a Gallery?” Answer:  Art Galleries in Carmel-By-The-Sea are completely over saturated and continue to represent artists that signed on with them 20 years ago. It’s actually hurt me.

The Instagram relationships I’ve formed are priceless - for the sharing of common “loves”.  They know me – and I know them, and they will remember who I am as an artist and person.  The payoff for art sales in the future will fulfill itself.

My audience has turned out to be the people that love cats & animals - as I share my two studio cats on a continual basis. It’s the bond that I have to cats & animals, and to those that love them. They also love Carmel-By-The-Sea, and Big Sur.

Just looking at my Instagram account @bonniesailerfineart,  tells a story more vivid that I could ever put into words.  Sure, there is writing to explain each post – but it’s really more than that.  Anyone scrolling through my posts can see – at a glimpse - through pictures & videos– what I love, where I’ve been, what I paint, and what I want to say as an artist and animal lover.

This has proven to be so much more meaningful that explaining my “feelings” behind why I painted a painting.    

I now pursue commission art.  Cats and pet portraits, seascape and landscapes.  I no longer build an inventory of paintings of a subject matter that I personally want to paint – so I am turning to commission art to fulfill someone else’s passions. Art that someone who loves a scene or a pet so much that they want it immortalized in a Fine Art painting.

With that, I hope you will follow me on Instagram to learn more about my “everyday” life through my art, my photos; scenes that inspire me.  A platform that allows me to cherish my passion for cats, and to form connections to those that choose to identify with me personally.

For me as an artist – despite – wanting to only concentrate on “painting” – it’s just not realistic. The first job is to connect to those that love my art, and the second is to shift gears to an entirely different mentality; that of the “artist” – to immerse myself in the quiet space; that shell that allows all noise to stop, and in turn - allows me to create beauty on the canvas. 

If you are interested in owning an original painting, I’m offering you a 30% discount, this offer is only valid until September 21st, 2021

I can be contacted by email below if you are interested in purchasing an original at a substantial discount.

Wishing you all the best – and hope to see & share with you on Instagram.


I interact on Instagram  @bonniesailerfineart |  DM on Instagram for inquiries